Messages for the group

In the evaluation you were asked to write a message for the group.

This is what you said:

  •         “It was one of the best week in my life. I have a lot of experience and memories. Thank you!
  •      “ Thank you so much”
  •          “ Nice to live together”
  •         “ Thank you so much for everything, guys”
  •     “ In this group I got to know a lot of very interesting people. I want to meet again.”
  •         “ I am really glad that I met you all. Everyone of us is extra-ordinary. Thanks for everything.”
  •         “ I had a good time and I don´t want to go home” I will have very good memories during all my life”
  •          “ Thank you all. The mood was good. I miss you all”
  •      “ See you soon.”
  •     “ Thanks to Karin. I really love you, it was an incredible experience. If I can I will do it again
  •        “ See you all soon I hope.”
  •      “ I love them and hope to see them again”
  •      “ You are all amazing. I love you. I can never forget you. It was really nice to share this amazing experience with you all. “
  •     “ Really good one, think less, act more and live!”
  •     “ I love you all so much….It was a great experience with you. “ Just the beginning, not the end”
  •        “ You are my second family”
  •        “ Nice time. Nice food, and the best of all nice people”
  •      “ It was very nice to meet you all. It has been a fantastic trip. Hope to see you all again.
  •     “ It has been fun, and I will never forget it"
  •      “ I t was amazing”
  •        “ I will miss you all so much. You are all amazing. Please stay as you are and be yourself”
  •     “ You are lovely people. I will miss you all”
  •       " Thanks for the experience we shared together"
  •        " Go ahead - make different projects"
  •        " Thanks for all you added to my life!

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